Please choose one workshop for Sept 21 and one for Sept 22.

Sept 21

Code @RT4L1F3: Creative Arts In Missions

Unconfined to mere words, sharing God’s love means action! It flows through every gesture, every visual, every tune, and every unique individual; reflecting the beauty of the Creator Himself. Dare to explore new and exciting avenues of bringing the message of Christ to an ever-expectant world-wide audience with “Uncle Button”.

Speaker: Mr Sam Tee, also known as 'Uncle Button', has served many years in the children cum clowning ministry.  Sam is particularly noted for his talent in blending music, comedy and non-verbal entertainment to reach out to children and different people groups. His ministry has taken Sam all over the world, from the deep jungles in Thailand to the modern city in Minneapolis. Read more about Sam at

Code UNICODE: Linguistic and Missions

What does a child language learner know about language learning that enables him to successfully learn a language virtually on his own?  Successful language learners – both children and adults, begin with an underlying knowledge that a language is learned rather than taught. Their learning resources are the very people who speak the language itself. In this workshop, you will discover that successful language learners learn a little and use it a lot. You will learn how the importance of communicating in peoples own heart language has on the community you are reaching out to.

Code 1957: Nation Building

Young Christians who want their faith to count in overcoming injustice can come together to listen, debate and be inspired.  This workshop hopes to bring together individuals and groups that are convinced that faith must be expressed in terms of justice for everybody. Participants will be provided with a theological reflection and learn on issues affecting justice in politics, economy, public policies and the environment, share information and ideas, support and challenge each other to take action in Malaysia, and support other Christians from around the world.  This workshop is designed to find new ways to network and organize, to make a difference together in our Malaysian community and context, and across the world.

Facilitator : Chrisanne Chin, CCM Youth Moderator and Deputy General Secretary - Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia.

Code 966: Love Your Neighbour

Jesus’ command to love our neighbor has become so real in our nation.  But how can we love our neighbor when we’re not even sure we like them! This workshop guides us to the heart of Love itself for the people whom we call our neighbors. The possibilities of sharing HIS love with them are vast and creative.  Come and hear inspiring stories of others who are already moving in this journey!

Code 333: The Mission of Prayer

"The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray..."
(Matthew 9:37-38, NKJV)

This workshop focuses on the centrality of prayer in mission and looks at the profile of an effective intercessor: one who is passionate for the Lord, has compassion for people and a disinterest in oneself and one's own destiny. You will also learn about the contents of intercessory prayer by looking at the prayers of Old Testament saints, our Lord Jesus, the apostle Paul, etc.

This workshop is facilitated by Dr. David Gunaratnam, a retired orthodontist. He is currently an elder in Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church and was the chairman of OMF Home Council in Malaysia for over 20 years.

Code 3D2N: What's The Deal About Short Terming?

"The current generation is no longer motivated primarily by touching statistics or preaching.  Instead, we are influenced by our own experiences or the personal stories of others.  This is why the best way to catch God's heart for all nations is to experience Him at work through our lives alongside experienced missionaries in another culture.  This is the purpose of short-term missions.  Short-mission trips are an opportunity to serve, but often God's higher purpose is to spark a passionate fire in our heart for His glorious goodness to be experienced by all peoples through our lives. He wants this fire within our hearts to shape our choices for the rest of our lives whether we end up serving overseas or in our own land."

This workshop will be facilitated by Robert Reid from Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Malaysia.  

Code ESPN: Sports and Jesus Christ

Sport is one of the few activities that bring people together no matter where you are on the globe. Color, race, language, religion, age and gender are all forgotten on the sporting field, in the pool, or on the court. Many sports organizations, agencies and local churches have long known of the benefit of being involved in sports and serving sports people as a way to build a bridge to connect with their cultures.

Participants of this workshop will be learning creative ways of using sports as a platform to interact with Unreached Communities and will learn of strategies they could use to penetrate into communities in need.

This workshop is facilitated by Wong Kou Fou who played soccer for the National Team from 1972 - 1980. He was instrumental in winning some major tournaments for Malaysia, amongst others, The Asian Games, The Merdeka Tournament, Thailand Kings Cup, Indonesian Independent Cup, Vietnam Independent Tournament, and The Asian Cup. He also played for Malaysia in the Pre-Olympics in 1976 & 1980.

Kou Foo retired from the soccer scene in 1980 and in the late 80's he came to know the Lord. In 2002, Kou Foo sensed a call for fulltime ministry and has since been serving the Lord in the area of soccer coaching. He runs coaching clinics and trains coaches in Malaysia and all across South East Asia. Kou Foo has a real passion to inculcate good values in his coaching clinics and has been an awesome blessing to many, many children, youth & adults.

Code NaCl: Community Transformation

Hear stories of how change can bring forth a transformational process that breathes new life into people and their communities. New paradigms reflect the winds of change that impact lives and bring renewal, revival, and transformation to the 'unreached' communities  and are "windows of opportunity" that open people's eyes to spiritual awakening, and "points of entry" for journey towards significant benefits of biblical transformation. 

The speaker Mark P. works with Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in South East Asia. His expertise includes creating strategic master plans for UPGs & developing wholistic community projects for community transformation.

Sept 22

Code 168: Business As Missions

How can we make bring the love of Christ in a relevant manner to a community that suffers from poverty and unemployment? Business as missions provides the tools for business people to make a Kingdom difference in and through their businesses. It guides aspiring business people on how to transform communities spiritually, economically, socially, and environmentally – a holistic transformation that brings glory to God in the market place and where His name is rarely heard.

Originally from Singapore, the speaker Jo (Pearl) has been working in Asia for the past 12 years. She has started 5 different businesses during her time there, employing up to 80 workers. Its mission is to create stable employment for single mothers and helping their children through education. Through the businesses, Pearl has reached out to the locals socially and spiritually.

Code 999: Understanding Children At Risk

Would you know what to do if a child tells you that she is being hurt by her family, or what to do if you find a homeless child? Find out here. This workshop covers God's heart for children and what child rights are. You will also learn why child sexual abuse is unlike other crimes, and what you can do about children at risk. 

Speaker: Asha is involved with many areas of social concern work, particularly in the area of preventing child abuse. She has taken part in numerous consultations to formulate better child protection systems in Malaysia and has participated in a government school pilot project to prevent child abuse. Her constant focus is to encourage and help people, especially Christians, to sensitively meet the needs of the community.

Code SAR: Crisis Relief

Recognizing the world's cities as a rapidly increasing setting for poverty, violent conflict, disasters and displacement, this workshop seeks to enhance a greater understanding of the links between human settlements, humanitarianism and community development.  In this workshop, you will be learning the four stages of a disaster event cycle ie. PreparationResponse, Relief & Recovery

Learn of ways of seizing opportunities using the crisis relief platform to reach the Unreached Community.  Listen to some amazing stories on community transformation using the crisis relief platform.

Speaker : Beram Kumar, Executive Director of STAMP

Code 0011: O2Intl Students

Last year, over 70,000 foreign students have come to Malaysia to study, and the number has since increased. With many of them coming from Creative Access Nations, we realize the mission field has come to the doorsteps of our very own local universities and colleges. This presents a great opportunity for local Christian students to share the Good News in Word and Deed. How should one respond?

To better understand your 'calling' and how to be ‘salt and light’ in the international student community, hop on board this workshop with
Philip Chang, the Chairman of Interserve Malaysia. He began his involvement in cross-cultural mission during his student days abroad by building friendships with other foreign students. He will share his personal experiences and tips on how to be effective in international student evangelism and discipleship.

Code APG101: Apologetics To An Al-Deen World

This workshop is not for the fainthearted. Nor is it for the ordinary self-seeking Christian who thrives on ways to live a comfortable life. It is only highly suited for those who dare to step into new and unknown territories, risking all for the sake of making a radical difference in a needy world. Link up with God’s worldwide search-and-rescue mission and find your designated role as a supportive informatory or as a barrier-breaker of society, language, and geographical location. The adventure awaits the willing.

Code NTV7.5: Media n Missions

Since the start of its era, the use of media has revolutionized the world in many facets of globalization. Similarly, making God’s Word accessible to the nations has taken on a new dimension with the use of media in missions. The recent developments of communication and multi-media technologies have brought an advancement of channeling the gospel of Christ to various peoples located all over the world. Learn how to participate in prayer as well as equip yourself to serve in the Media Ministry through this workshop.  

Speaker: The Provider Team
THE PROVIDER PRODUCTIONS BHDAn evangelistic ministry serving with sounds and images. Website:

Code GO4TH: The Trumpet Call

In Code GO4TH: The Trumpet Call, come and hear about what you can do to ignite the same Kingdom passion in the lives of your friends and family. Learn how you can inspire, educate and invite them into the greatest call of God in this age. Listen to stories of youth missions mobilisers and the lessons that they've learnt through their experiences. 
Code GO4TH envisions to enable you to share the passion and encounter that you have had in missions, and enlarge God's mighty force to obey the Great Commission and to fulfill our prayer of "Your kingdom come, Your will be done."

Workshop speaker Au Yong Wai Nyan
caught the heart of God and His mission when he attended a mission course immediately after graduating from law school 3 years ago. Since then, his perspective of life has significantly altered. Now, as a facilitator in the Kairos Course and a member of the World Outreach Malaysia management team, he desires to mobilize young people to carry the call and also mobilise their peers. He is currently a chambering student, undergoing his pupillage training in a law firm in KL.

Code d-_-b: Reaching An iPod Generation

It is definite that music has a great impact on the lives of many. However this impact doesn’t just take place in the physical realm but also in the supernatural. Discover the influential power of music through this workshop and why God uses such a tool to transform the hearts of this generation. It will open your eyes to a whole new dimension of who God created you to be musically.

This workshop is facilitated by Kelvin Lim, the co-founder of 1a.m. (One Accord Ministry), the creative arm of Eaglepoint. 1a.m. vision is "Worship Brings Change" and they believe that God will bring a transformation that will ignite a revolution bringing salvation to the world. Their vision is to fulfill the church vision by using creative arts from music, drama, dance and any creative ways to reach all generations.

Code TM101: Tentmaking 带职宣教 (Eng & Chinese)

Tentmakers are disciples of Jesus Christ, called by God and commissioned by God’s people to make disciples and build HIS Church in any cultural situation, who use their professional skills to facilitate their ministry.  Come and hear from Lily, a tentmaker herself who has worked as a professional in Asia and served as a leader in a charity, an educator and a consultant in a Creative Access Nation for more than 10 years.

带职宣教人士是耶稣基督的门徒, 被上帝呼召并由祂子民差派到任何文化当中,以他们专业技术的辅助建立门徒和神的教会。请您前来听Lily姐妹分享,她十多年来如何在亚洲创启国家中以慈善机构领导、教师及顾问的专业人士身份服侍神。

Bonus Workshop: Balloonology(for early birds on Sept 20)

Have fun learning how to twist balloons into amazing sculptures and shapes used to tell stories that will captivate a younger audience. Balloon sculptures are great tools for teaching, bringing color and fun to your object lessons. Come and have a great time learning from the master balloonist himself, Uncle Button.  Check out
This workshop is for anyone arriving early on Sept 20. Time: 3pm - 4:30pm. Please register with