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A glimpse into what God has been doing in other nations among college students…

Urbana 06 - You Have a Calling

Since 1946, Urbana conventions have challenged more than 212,000 people to participate in the Great Commission. Urbana 06 was the 21st time that thousands of students, young people, missionaries, church and campus leaders have gathered together for five days of worship, Bible study, hundreds of seminars, and one of the world's most comprehensive missions fairs. Visit for more information.
Hear what church leaders have to say about the impact of Urbana conferences! - Building a Legacy

Mission Korea 2008                                  

Mission Korea
, a coalition of 24 mission agencies and 11 campus ministries working together to mobilize Korean young people to serve as overseas missionaries, started holding their bi-annual nationwide conference(attracting over 5,000 Korean college students and young people today) in 1988. Between conferences, Mission Korea (MK) had a variety of seminars, training programs, resources and a travel team in order to continue to follow-up the decision-makers from the conferences.  Visit for more information.
Today, after 20 years of active emphasis and effort to mobilize students for world missions, the number of sent-out Korean missionaries is more than 16,000! (South Korea had sent out only 80 missionaries in 1980). MK's vision follows the model of Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) in North America a century ago where God worked mightily through a movement of students who committed themselves fully to God. The SVM saw more than 20,000 of its 100,000 members go as missionaries around the world with the rest being senders.  The S.V.M. operated under the slogan “World Evangelization in our Generation”.

In Singapore, a movement called Joshua 21 is seeing fruit among students. It is a cooperative movement among various churches and organizations that challenges the emerging generation with prayer and mission vision.  Thousands of students had attended mission conference and sent out in short term mission trips.

In Manila, Philippines, students are taking responsibility to mobilize their peers for missions. The Philippines Missions Association has set the goal of 200,000 Missions Mobilized Youth by the year 2010!

Indonesia started student mission movement in 2003. More than 500 students from 55 universities all across Indonesia gathered together for the cause of missions at their 2007 MIM (Mahasiswa Indonesia Menuai) student mission conference which was jointly organized by a partnership of 71 churches and 23 campus & mission organizations. They saw 157 committing to be Goers and 369 committing as Senders!

We believe the time has come for a Wake Up call to be issued to Malaysian youths for them to catch the heartbeat of God for the nations and to take their rightful position in the Kingdom! It is with this in mind that we are inviting you to be a part of thePlan09! Sign up today as a Participant or a Crew.