So we ask ourselves: where do we go from here? What can I do? How do I get involved? PLANext is an initiative to help you get started - to get your friends involved, to support a missions cause, to pray and to learn more about God's heart for the world.

Here are some ideas you can start off with:

Tentmaking Consultation & Seminar

Dr Danny Martin, a world renowned tentmaking strategist will be taking a one day seminar/consultation on effective tentmaking strategies. ALL are welcomed – pastors, leaders, students, retirees, etc. Details as follows:

Date: 30th January 2010, Saturday
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Cost: RM 40.00 (MCGM Members), RM 50.00 (Non-MCGM Members)
Venue: SIB KL Chinese Church
           Level 3, Bangunan Yin,
           Sect 16/1,
           Petaling Jaya,

Certificate awarded by : the Missions Education track of MCGM , Malaysia Cross-Cultural Missions School (MCMS)
For enquiries , please write to or
Download registration form and mail it back to or by 25th January 2010.

(For Penang, dates: 25-29 Jan. Please contact for more info)

Kairos Course

See the Big Picture and understand God's heart for every peoples in the world. An interactive course designed to educate, inspire and challenge people to active and meaningful participation in God's global purposes. For more information, visit or e-mail us at

A study of the Purpose and Plan of God from Genesis to the End of the Age!
  • Discover the missionary thread from Genesis to Revelation 
  • See the awesome advance of Christianity around the world 
  • Explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of world Christian mission 
  • Identify your part and place in the expansion and growth of God's Kingdom worldwide 
  • Learn from some of today's leading mission personalities, theologians and historians

Upcoming Kairos Courses in 2010:

[24 Feb - 27 Mar 2010 (Wed and Sat weekly) @ St. Barnabas, Klang]

[7 April - 1 May 2010 (Wed and Sat weekly) @ Wesley Kepong]

[30 May - 20 June 2010 (Sat and Sun weekly) @ Wesley KL]

[4 July - 25 July 2010 (Sat and Sun weekly) @ Wesley Klang]

[25 Sept - 17 Oct 2010 (Sat and Sun weekly) @ Wesley Ipoh]

Upcoming Youth Kairos Courses in 2010:

[1-6 Feb 2010 @ Kuching, Sarawak]

For registration & enquiries about Kairos/Youth Kairos, email


MCGM Youth Track* with participating mission agencies and youth organizations presents "Springboard", a one week program that unites classroom learning with hands-on application. Get a glimpse into the heart of God for you...and for all peoples.  See how your life fits into the bigger picture of God's eternal plans.    
LEARN …where do you fit in?
UNDERSTAND …is there more to life than what you see?
DESIRE further explore God's plan for your life?

This is an experience not to be missed! Life will not be the same again, ever!

[10-16 January 2010, 13-19 June 2010]
Email :

* MCGM Youth Track seeks to inspire and be a catalyst, networking with local churches and ministries in raising up a new generation to make God famous amongst all peoples. 

OUR GOAL is . . . .to see a youth missions movement take place in Malaysia, a new generation committing to be Senders or Goers in fulfilling the Great Commission and mobilizing their peers to the same.

Mobilizer's Starter DVD

The Mobilizer's Starter DVD is a collection of resources that you can use to get your church's youth group, friends, CFs or any Jesus-loving, God-fearing and Bible-believing human being excited about missions. What is the state of the world today? What are the needs? Why and how does God use youth so mightily all the time? What is God saying through His Word? All this and more in the Mobilizer's Starter DVD!

Traveling Team Resource DVD

The Traveling Team is a group of young people who travel throughout the United States to speak at universities, colleges and churches and bring mission awareness to young people. And now, they are providing a DVD full of resources - Bible study notes, videos, sermons, etc. - to enable you to share with your friends about God's heart for the world!

The Mobilizer's Starter DVD and Traveling Team DVD are available at RM10 each. However, for RM15, you can have both!

Fitting Right Into His Blueprint
                        Take Small Steps TODAY …

1. Sign up for a short-term mission trip!

2. Befriend an international student from a college near you.

3. Enjoy a meal from a foreign land with friends and end the evening with prayer for the country.

4. Grab hold of a missionary’s biography and be inspired by the real-life adventures!

5. Listen to the Delirious album titled "Mission Bell".

6. Read "Out of the Comfort Zone" by George Verwer.

7. Take the Kairos course. It will be a life changing experience. God will revolutionize your life!

8.  Get to know individual missionaries personally. This will include receiving their newsletters, 
     praying for them, or financially supporting their ministry. Adopt a missionary and encourage
     him/her regularly with gifts, cards, emails etc.

9. Meet and pray together regularly with friends who share the same passion for God and His world.

10. Share your treasures from thePlan09 with 5 friends. Invite them for a snack party. Challenge
      them to find His Blueprint. Get a copy of Mobilizer’s Starter DVD and try out some cool videos
      and other resources from the DVD.

[Check out the Mobilizer’s Starter DVD for more ideas …]