Frequently Asked Questions

What is thePlan09?
It is the culmination of the prayers of all those who have cried out to God for a new generation that will live out God’s purpose and destiny in seeing the nations turn to Christ, through love and selfless living. ThePlan09 Conference will incorporate teaching, experiential learning, strategic prayer, and interaction with real-life missionaries to impart a heart of missions into the next generation of Malaysians. It is only one stop in the journey to discover the Heart of God and His Will corporately and individually as a nation and as a generatio

What is the purpose of ThePlan09?
a. To connect together those with same passions.
b. To issue a call to youths to take their place in the Kingdom/Great Commission.
c. To paint the possibilities of opportunities in the mission field (interactions in workshops with those      
     who are already making effective impact for the Kingdom).

d. To address the challenge of globalization, nations at our doorstep (migrant workers, international
     students) and the special mandate to reach the 'M' people.

e. To mobilize a generation that will Go and be His ambassadors of love to the unreached peoples
     (locally or even to the ends of the earth) or be a Sender of those who Go.
f.  To raise a generation that will transform society through the pillars of the nation (education, politics,
    media, arts, entertainment, business, social concern, etc.)

What are the highlights of ThePlan09?

See under 'Conference09'.

Is the conference only for those who have a missions call? I am not called to be a missionary, so the conference is not for me?

Not true. ThePlan09 is about unpacking missions out of the box. One will discover the changing face of missions and the most current trends around the globe. In this increasing connected and integrated world, a global citizen is needed to bring a different approach to the same eternal message of God’s love. You’ll make some amazing discoveries. You’ll get to hear life stories and testimonies from professionals/missionaries who are serving on the field and are making effective impact where God has placed them.  

Is ThePlan09 for me? Why the 16 - 25 age range?

You can say this Conference is for those who desire to make their lives count for eternity in this age. ThePlan09 Conference is designed for those within the 16-25 age bracket. However, if you are older than 25 but are keen on missional living, then this Conference is also for you.

What is the main language used in this conference?

The main language of this conference is English. However, those who need interpretation into BM or Chinese may indicate so on the registration forms.

Who are the partners of ThePlan09?

See under 'Partners' Link' for a list of up to date partners.

What is the relationship between MCGM and ThePlan09?

ThePlan09 is initiated by MCGM Youth Track and organized jointly with the partners listed under 'Partners' Link'.

What is MCGM?

An umbrella body that facilitates mission work in Malaysia.
A network and platform where leaders can share resources, experiences and information.
A potential “ONE STOP HUB’ for churches & ministries in the area of missions in Malaysia.

Who forms the MCGM Youth Track?

Representatives from mission agencies, churches/youth ministries, networks/denominational bodies who are passionate to see God raise up the youth of this generation to transform communities and nations, especially the unreached peoples.

More about: MCGM Youth track seeks to inspire and be a catalyst, networking with local churches and ministries in raising up a new generation to make God famous among all peoples. The heartcry is to see a youth missions movement take place in Malaysia – a new generation committing to be Senders or Goers in fulfilling the Great Commission and mobilizing their peers to do the same.

How is MYPG linked to ThePlan09?

The Malaysian Youth Prayer Gathering is a loose connection of prayer groups (called ‘Local Youth Prayer Gatherings’) which are run by young people with the intention of mobilizing young people to pray for themselves, their country and the nations of the world. MYPG also hopes to mobilize more young people to give their lives for a full-time missional vocational calling. Since MYPG has direct connection with the vision of ThePlan09 Conference, MYPG aims to commit to raising prayer and partnering long-term for the follow-up of the conference.

How often will the conference be held?

This is the first Conference, the frequency will be decided by the core youth team of the emerging Malaysian Youth Missions Movement. In between conferences, there will be programs lined up. Kindly see PLANext section for more info.